Architectural Rigging: Wire Rope Elements for the Home

Glazed facades, tensioned fabric roofs, suspension bridges and cable nets all depend on tensile cables and rods as the primary load carrying structure. The results are structures of unique depth and openness, with large spans made possible by balancing the need for reduced weight with the application of minimalist and efficient high tensile cable tendons. From simple balustrade and railing projects to more complicated load-support engineering designs, Rigworks is your leading source for architectural rigging in San Diego.

arc-railing-wire-ropeCable and Fitting Selection

We can help you select the right system for the job. We offer unbiased advice, and are not limited to a particular set of products. We analyze the interaction of the load systems within your project, so that  we can precisely customize a system from our wide range of products. This service includes providing drawings and descriptions to make everything completely clear to you before we begin. We are also happy to work with your architect or engineer on executing their designs.
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arc-suspended-stairsCustom Fitting Design

Because we can select or even machine our own fittings, we make sure the product is exactly right for the job. Whether it is a single custom-made item, or a continuing line, we are dedicated to making the system work for you. The quality of our products is beyond reproach, and the finished product will be a source of pride for you, and us as well.


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