Certified Hydraulic Service Center

Hydraulics allow tremendous precision and control, and given the enormous loads in many rigging systems, have become a necessity for large racing sailboats. Rigworks has the expertise and experience to spec, install and service your hydraulic systems, whether simple backstay adjusters or more complicated central pump units driving numerous onboard hydraulic units.

hydr-navtec-vangHydraulic Boom Vangs, including Position Indicators

Vangs help you control sail shape, but if designed right can function as topping lifts as well. Hydraulics give you instant, precise and powerful control over this high-load piece of equipment. Many include position indicators that allow you confidence with a glance.


Integral Backstay Adjusters

Want to get the perfect tension with just a few strokes? Hydraulic backstay adjusters are the industry standard for foolproof operation and minimal service. And when those seals finally do need replacing, as a certified hydraulics service center, we’ve got you covered.

hydr-cylinder-sketchCylinders, Hose Fabrication and Installation

From small self-contained units to larger, central pumps driving multiple devices, we can help you make sure your hoses and fittings are up to the task, and install new gear when needed. All of these tasks require experience and special tooling, and so shouldn’t be tried by most boaters.

hydr-control-panelQuick Release Valves and Panels

Keep your crew and rig safe with the proper installation of quick release valves and control panels. New Cam Valve technology makes these systems easier to use and more durable at higher presures than the competition. We can help you make the right choice for your boat, and install it properly.

Hydraulics Service Center

We are a certified hydraulics service center with years of experience repairing and maintaining hydraulics systems like yours. Sailtec, Harken, Homatro (Reckmann), Ener-Pac, Power Team, Fleet-Hydrol, Cariboni, Navtec… we service them all. And a word to the wise… if you have a Navtec system on your boat, we recommend regular service. Now that Navtec is no longer in business, parts are getting hard to find. Regular service will extend the life of your investment.