Standing Rigging Services & Installation

The technology of standing rigging is advancing at such a pace as to make keeping up with the competition quite a daunting task. While wire is still the mainstay for most cruisers, and rod the most predominant for the racing community, at the grand prix levels new composites are making advancements faster than articles can be written. With the Pyewacket and her PBO rigging, and the Genuine Risk sporting a new set of Carbon Rods, composite standing rigging is quickly becoming the norm in the upper levels.

Regardless of whether you own a traditional sailboat, offshore cruiser, club racer, high-tech dinghy or grand prix racer, Rigworks is ready to help. With easy ordering, guaranteed quality and fast knowledgeable service, that’s why sailors and boat captains around the world turn to Rigworks for their rigging needs. With over 2 decades of experience, here is a list of just some of the things Rigworks can do for you.

Rig-tuning-100Rig Inspection

Don’t wait until it’s too late to answer any lingering questions about your rig. Rigworks will help you follow manufacturer’ recommended guidelines on inspection, and make sure you meet your insurance requirements, too. More on Rig Inspection >>

mast-boom-san-diego-100Spars: Mast and boom

Whether it’s help getting the mast up, or making sure it stays there, Rigworks has your back. We’ve got great relationships with all the major manufacturers, and have worked with just about every mast and boom technology out there. More on Masts and Booms >>

rod-rigging-fittings-100Rod Rigging

Want performance from your standing rigging? Then rod rigging is your most likely choice. Although these days composite fibers and even composite fiber rod are being used, the majority of boats benefit from the nitronic 50 rod. More about Rod Rigging >>

wire-rigging-san-diegoWire Rigging, 1X19 and Compacted (Dyform)

Tried and true, wire rope is still the go-to technology when it comes to stays and shrouds for most most boats. But is all wire equal? Of course not. 304 or 316?
1 X 19 or 7 X 19? Or maybe Dyform. We break down these issues into bite-size chunks to make your decisions that much easier. More on Wire Rigging >>

lifelines-100Lifelines, etc.

Keep your crew right where they’re supposed to be – on deck. Maybe you want to modify your lifelines to accommodate your headsails, or maybe it’s just time to replace them (when was the last time they were inspected?). Either way, we’ve got you covered. More on Lifelines >>