Dacron & Polyester Line

dacron-poly cordage - halyard lines, jib lines, reefing lines, mainsheet lines, etc.Dacron or Polyester (less expensive) general grade line for applications not concerned with stretch. Most double braid covers are also constructed of polyester (or a blend containing it). There are different grades of materials available to the line manufacturer, which affect the color retention, sheen, wear and UV degradation. These factors also affect the overall feel and durability of the line. A higher quality will last longer.

Dacron (polyester) stretches less than nylon, and is durable and economical. Dacron is the most common rope used for sheets, spinnaker halyards, and tails on wire/rope halyards, etc.

Rigworks has many custom colors in stock, designed for long wear in the sun. Rope manufacturers, as well as products, change over time. Rigworks is expert at guiding the customer in choosing the best product for the job, at the best value.

Examples of cordage containing Dacron: Sirius 500, XLS, Sta-set, Portland Braid, & Yacht Braid.