Composite Rigging

Rigworks has been at the forefront of this newest technology since the beginning. Composite Standing Rigging is the highest level of rigging available.  There are many different constructions available including Kevlar, PBO, carbon rods, and solid carbon, which vary greatly in price.  Rigworks is experienced with all variations from the rod upgrade to carbon EC6 or the simple backstay made from Kevlar.  As a dealer for all the major brands, including Southern Spars EC6, Navtec, Powerlite, BSI Global, and Future Fibers, we can help you decide what is best for your program.

Although Composite Rigging costs  are higher than rod, in some cases it might not as bad as you might think, considering the weight aloft being saved. One thing to consider is that longevity is shorter than rod and it requires more care so that it does not chafe or get damaged. With that being said, Composite Rigging is the standard nowadays on Gran Prix racers as well as the competitive club racer.