Dynice DUX (Annealed Dyneema)

run-dynex-dux-1When shopping for high tech line there are a few general qualities you look for:

  • Strength for Diameter
  • Strength to Weight
  • Stretch/Elasticity
  • Creep (elongation over time)
  • Abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance


Dynice DUX has the best scores on ALL of the above qualities when compared to other high tech fibers.

If you anneal (cook while stretching) Dyneema, you make Dynice DUX. The strength goes up by 30-40% (depending on line size) and the stretch and creep drop to almost nothing. The line still has the same great UV and abrasion resistance as Dyneema, but now you have as low stretch and high strength as PBO. The line is also lighter and it doesn’t absorb water, as compared to Vectran. The other positive about Dynice DUX is that it is only slightly more expensive than Vectran or Dyneema, vs. PBO which is incredibly expensive.

The only downside to Dynice DUX is that it is quite stiff when new, and will take a few days of sailing to soften up.

Uses for DUX include: Halyards, sheets, afterguys, outhauls, strops, standing rigging and any other low stretch/high strength applications.

Dynice DUX really is the new “Super Rope.”