Rigworks has the largest rod heading machine on the west coast of the US. Capable of -115 Rod Heading.

Want performance from your standing rigging? Then rod rigging is your most likely choice. Although these days composite  fibers and even carbon fiber rods are being used, the majority of boats benefit from nitronic 50 rod when factoring in maintenance and longevity.

The fundamentals of  rod rigging systems are cold heads and a specialty stainless steel alloy called nitronic-50. The nitronic 50 rod is terminated by hydraulically forming a head which will not allow the end fitting to slide past. This process of forming a head is called “cold heading” and it produces a terminal attachment that is as strong as the rod itself.

Both Navtec and BSI Global fittings have “seats” designed to compliment the shape of the rod head. The fit of the head to the seat is critical for safety and long life. For this reason both companies use computer numerically controlled machines (CNC) to make both the dies which form the cold heads and the fitting in which the head rests. This closely monitored process is what makes Navtec and BSI Global  rod rigging systems second to none. Rigworks is a Navtec Service agent and has the heading equipment necessary to both manufacture and service your rod rigging.

Rod rigging has tight tolerances and is semi-custom, and needs to be set up properly to maximize longevity (longer life means more value). Rigworks has the equipment, experience and skills to set up and service your rig expertly, quickly and efficiently.  Rod Rigging has a different life cycle and inspection requirements.  To learn more, see Navtec Service Guide.