Compacted (Dyform)

standing-rigging-DyformDyform (Now Called Compacted) is high-tech, low stretch wire rigging, which features more than a 30% increase in breaking strength over traditional 1×19 wire, and 25% less stretch. It is approved for use with conventional swage and swageless fittings. The cross section shows how the specially shaped wires fill a greater proportion of the strand cross section.

Rigworks stocks the three most popular sizes.

  • 2.5mm
  • 3mm
  • 5mm (Etchells)

Rigworks is the only company around who correctly swages fittings on to Compacted wire using Diamond Dust. Rigworks is also one of the few who carries metric sized swage fittings for a correct swaged fit.

dyform-turnbuckles-swagesThese include:
Ronstan Calibrated Turnbuckles for the Etchells Fleet.
Navtec Metric Marine eyes, swage studs and T-bars.

Several problems result from the use of this wire with hydraulic cylinders including lower effective stiffness, unwinding of the lay of the wire and unscrewing of the rigging fitting assemblies. For this reason we do not recommend using Compacted/Dyform wire with a hydraulic stay adjuster, unless the threaded fittings in the stay are reliably locked against rotation.

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