Rigworks spent a couple of months working on this beautiful Pedrick 76 custom yacht, in preparation for a long cruising trip down to Mexico and possibly around to the Caribbean and the Med.

This project started off as a standard manufacturer-recommended, full-service, mast-out inspection of the mast and the Navtec standing rod rigging, and preparation for painting the mast.  Mehetabel is very well maintained, and no steps are missed when taking care of her. The initial visual inspection with the mast in indicated little to no issues with the rigging. When the Rigworks crew removed the mast and disassembled the rod rigging and its fittings, we found pitting under the stainless steel fittings. It’s difficult to tell what caused the pitting, but this is the very reason we stress a manufacturer-recommended, full-service, mast-out inspection every couple of years. Without taking apart the tip cups and other fittings, we would never have seen this problem, and would not have been able to address it until it was too late. Because of the severity of the pitting, we sent the rigging to the manufacturer, Navtec, for further inspection and consultation. Navtec determined that a couple of the rod lengths and stainless steel fittings needed to be fully replaced.

While the standing rigging and mast was getting worked on, Rigworks also serviced the two Reckmann Hydraulic furlers, and a couple other Navtec hydraulic rams. We also did a full off-the-deck winch service for Mehetabel.

We had two custom delrin foil top caps milled for us, two beautiful custom stainless steel headstay jaw/jaw toggles, a couple over pins, for the gooseneck and vang, so they would work and fit better than the stock pieces.

Once we got all the parts and pieces back together, we reassembled the standing rigging and all mast accessories. We are very happy with the way the project turned out, and like to think the client is too. We like to thank our great customer, Mehetabel’s owner, as well as the other business that assisted on this project: Navtec, Harrison Marine, Benchmark Welding and Driscoll’s Boat Yard.

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