Today we received two lovely compliments from recent customers. At the risk of tooting our own horn, we’d like to share them…

The first was a quick hello from a customer cruising in Mexico. We love hearing from our wayfaring friends!…

“Happy Holidays!  We are now in La Cruz and have had an amazing trip down. Thanks to all at Rigworks for making this happen.”

The second was a lovely letter from an Ericson 29 owner here in San Diego who did most of his own work (with a little guidance from our team) and now has a deep appreciation for the challenges and delays our riggers face daily…

“Rigworks is Undeniably the Best.

The owner Ray and his team are professional, communicate well, and are very thorough. In 2006 I snapped my port side spreader off my 1973 Ericson 29 sailboat on a gusty December day tacking under the Coronado bridge. I chose Rigworks from the good reviews. Ray responded quickly and we were able to set up a date for his crew to unstep my mast. Ray kindly allowed me to do some of the work myself as I enjoy working on my boat. Ray also had a clever and practical way to repair the damage on the spreaders. Before I knew it, the mast was up, and I was sailing back to home slip.

So, in 2019 when my E-29 needed new standing rigging, the only place I wanted to go was Rigworks. I emailed Rigworks, Ray responded promptly, and a date was set for the mast to come down. While I always leave the important things to the professionals, he once again allowed me to do some smaller jobs. I was feeling confident from the last 13 years of acquired sailboat knowledge, and the size of my toolbox had grown considerably since the 2006. However, I now have a new appreciation for the talent and time that goes into even the smallest jobs. I totally underestimated the time it takes.

I allotted what I thought was a generous estimate of 14 hours between the few projects I wanted to complete. Everything took three times as long as I estimated. Luckily Rigworks had my back. Once or twice a day one of the staff would come out and check on my progress and share some knowledge, give recommendations and advise on how to proceed on the project at hand. They also worked around my progress until I finished up. In the end I think spent more than 40 hours from dis-assembly to completion for all the jobs. So, take from me, when you hear it from the professionals these projects are time intensive.

Once the mast work was done, Rigworks efficiently competed the standing rigging. I believe they genuinely cared about seeing my mast with full sails again. I will never forget the professionalism, knowledge, advice and patience of Ray and the Rigworks staff.”

From the Staff at Rigworks… Thank you for the lovely compliments. We always enjoy the time you pend with us!

Note: The lovely rainbow photo was sent a while back from a very special family who has been sailing for a year. We live vicariously through them.

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