Tonight, Wed 5/18, is the BEER CANS KICKOFF PARTY from 6-8pm at the North Sails Loft in Liberty Station, 2829 Historic Decatur Rd, SD 92106. Pick up race packets and pennants and enjoy light refreshments including pasta from Solare and beer from Ballast Point.

Rigworks is proud to be a series sponsor and is providing a free bottle of “Forget About It for Boats” in each packet. This amazing probiotic holding tank treatment uses the newest cutting edge technology to harness healthy and environmentally friendly probiotics to control odor and remove sludge in a single treatment. Read more on this product at

If you miss the party (Noooooo!!!), race packets and pennants will be available at our store…
Rigworks Inc.
2801 Carleton Street, San Diego, CA 92106
619.223.3788 • 8am-5pm • M-F

For more information on the races or to register, visit the CRA Website at