Question:  How do I maintain my stainless steel standing rigging to ensure that my boat is safe and performing optimally?

From the Rigger:  Maintaining your Standing Rigging…

Stainless Steel Standing Rigging is one of the lowest maintenance components on the modern sailboat. Although desired upkeep is relatively simple, it is essential to ensure the safety of your rig and those aboard your vessel. The most common cause of dismasting is lack of care given to spars and rigging.

Proper maintenance includes routine cleaning, regular and careful inspection, and the avoidance of a few bad practices. We have put together a detailed datasheet on Standing Rigging Care (900k .pdf file) which reviews all aspects of great rig maintenance, including:

  • Routine cleaning – how and what to use to clean your rig
  • Careful inspection – what to look for on your own and when to consider a professional inspection
  • Do’s and Don’ts of caring for your rig
  • Causes of corrosion in stainless steel wire and rod
  • Industry standards for the life span of sailboat rigging
  • Inspection schedules based on displacement and usage categories
  • Mast system inspection categories
  • Special consideration for caring for new standing rigging

Of course, if you have any specific questions about your rig or would like to schedule a professional inspection, please give us a call. We always look forward to hearing from  you!