Replacing standing rigging (the wire or rod that keeps your mast standing… shrouds, forestays, backstays) can be a Pandora’s Box. Our riggers never know exactly what they will find when they disassemble your existing rig. Tip cups are always a source of angst. Located at the end of the spreaders, they are the point where the shrouds terminate. Because tip cups are sealed, we never know what we will find until the rig is down. If, in opening them, we find the worst, as we did on two recent jobs (see photos), we have to order new tip cups to fit your specific spreaders. The good news is that we have reliable sources for these parts. The bad news is that they are special order which can increase the cost and delay the completion of the job. If we can salvage what you have, we definitely will, but our first priority is always to ensure that your rig is safe and functional.

Tip Cup damage 1 Tip Cup damage 2Navtec Tip Cup 2 Navtec Tip Cup 1